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About me

Hey there, I’m Jae Lo Presti (AKA J4), I was born in the mountains of Savoy but I’m currently living in Helsinki (Finland).

On my free time, I create content on Resonite as a mentor, including maps, systems, objects and tutorials. I also happen to make 3D art.
I endorse the role of a technical artist, integrating works into virtual worlds and game engines. You can check out:

I also happen to write a bunch of software.

I’m also making a VR game! Check out the devlog!

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All the content in this website is under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Jae Lo Presti license (unless stated otherwise).

Note: everything on this website + blog are my own doing and does not reflects the views of any previous, present or past employers. If you have a problem with the content, use the contacts below, I respond to all inquiries except abusive ones.

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