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- Published on 25th June, 2020 -

Tags: music

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Hey everyone!
Sometimes, like a lot of people, I like to sit down and relax while listening to music.
Here is my favorite tracks.


This is a tune made for a ZX Spectrum demo. The music is even better with graphics on! {{< yt weFH_y1LGBw >}}

2. The Second Act from Tales Of Fantasia

{{< yt jyw4HU-kUrU >}}

3. Trans Atlantic by Lizardking

This particular tune is well-known for being used in the Crystal Dream 2 demo by Triton. {{< yt wgWFA2pyYm0 >}}

4. YU-NO - Opening by Ryu Umemoto

{{< yt URWNqs7FEXA >}}

5. Artillery - Credits by Geir Tjelta

{{< yt BiGwwzBbARA >}}

6. Echofield 6581 by Maniacs Of Noise

{{< yt POXaKOjdjRA >}}

7. Dark Sheep by Chroma

From BMS, with love <3 {{< yt bYCbm469Zq0 >}}