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What do I play in October 2020

- Published on 4th October, 2020 -

Tags: games

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Greetings, I wanted to make a small post on what I am currently playing at this moment.

A Dance Of Fire and Ice

ADOFAI is a game where you control two orbs (of fire and ice) and your goal is to get at the end of (lots) of levels by striking your keyboard (or mouse) buttons in rhythm with the music.
The game is challenging without being to hard and if you want more, there is still custom levels on the workshop.
Any player of rhythm games will like this one; it is also really cheap (as writing now only EUR5 on the Steam store).

Counter-Strike: Source

CS:S is a well-known FPS game made by ValVe.
The basic gamemod is ‘Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists’ but there is still plenty to choose from like:

  • Gungame
  • Surf
  • KZ
  • Bunnyhop

And many more!
I usually stick to the regular matches as I feel the guns aren’t as broken as on CS:GO (the latest opus of the series).

For now, that’s about all there is to say.
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I’ll see you next time.