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I hate microsoft

- Published on 22nd October, 2020 -

Tags: games

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

If you are a player of the game Minecraft, you’ve probably seen it. Microsoft has finally moved in and decided to force people to migrate from Mojang accounts to Microsoft ones.
First off, let’s say it, thanks m$ for ruining the game, I was still playing the PC version to at least escape from the grasp of this horrendous company and now it’s ruined. Let’s say I have until 2021 to pack my stuff and find another game to play.
The thing I hate so much about m$ is they are vampirizing more and more the whole computer world (if that wasn’t enough already) by somehow silently buying smaller companies, waiting some years and then requiring everyone to get those pesky accounts that are serving no other purposes than spying on you to get more data and feed obscure algorithms. This needs to stop. This year, they bought Zenimax Media (in short, Bethesda) and as Bethesda already requires an account, even for DOS games it is expected for m$ to force the migration of all previously created Bethesda account into m$ ones.
Even without talking of accounts migration stuff, m$ vampirized the education system, france just gave 8,3Millions euros to m$ without seeking any concurents (which is illegal), they are even handing out our private health data to m$.
The sad part about this is: we can’t do much about it asa even with the current backslash of people that don’t want to migrate, m$ will still carry on as a majority of people don’t see the stakes. The vast majority hide behind “I don’t have anything to hide” or “I don’t care” which is very sad as we are rapidly loosing sight of how is our data used.
The only thing we can do is terminate our accounts. At my scale it will not change anything but if enough people delete their accounts and stop buying their products, they’ll be forced to change or die (and I hope it will be the second). We need to find a way to kill m$ once and for all.
That’s all for today, I’ll se you next time!