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The case of accessibility

- Published on 26th June, 2021 -

Tags: tech

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, the blog has seen lots of theme changes in the last days. Truth is, I thought I finally found the right theme for my blog some time ago, when I found this “Norlin” theme.

Only problem? People that wish to block JavaScript couldn’t even see the content due to some stupid decisions on the theme maker’s side. As mentioned by someone in the Blogger’s Gathering Matrix room, it might have been the script that did the fade when loading the website.

First, as mentioned by someone else, you don’t need JavaScript to do a fade, CSS is more than enough. When contacting the support for the theme, asking to see if something could be done, they explained to me that “JavaScript is required for this theme and cannot be removed” which is something I can’t really accept.

If the theme is so much tied to JavaScript that it displays a blank page if you disable it or if there is an error in the said script, there is something wrong somewhere.

This is why I decided to remove completely the theme from the blog and install a new one, derived from the default terminal-theme and named jae-theme which is also Open-Source.

Unlike the old one, this one works even if you are blocking JavaScript and web fonts.

As much as I want a nice-looking blog, if it blocks users from seeing it, it doesn’t feel right to me. I want my content to be available to everyone, for free, forever, without any filters.

I think that’ll be enough for today!