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Moving further

- Published on 11th December, 2022 -

Tags: news,meta

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Aproximately one year ago, I published the blog post titled Moving Forward which was basically my coming out post.
Since then, I decided that I would do all the announcements and coming things in some sort of masterpost at the end of the year.

So here it is, a summary of what has been done and what is to come this year!

What has been done

This year was calmer than 2021 as in no big changes but it doesn’t means nothing happened.

  • Piped instance and public services are back after some months of pause
  • AS211696 gained greatly in stability and isn’t crashing as much as before
  • Changed companies after the old one had some problems
  • I’m back on ActivityPub again
  • Domain change from jae.fi -> 777.tf (jae.fi will remain active until all services are moved out)

What will be done

2023 will, hopefully, be a more dynamic year. Here is what is planned.

  • Ongoing improvements to AS211696 (reduce crashes even more)
  • New Matrix and NeosVR related project
  • Relocation of activities in Germany around Q2 to Q3 2023 (roadmap still being defined)

That was all for today, really short post.
Thanks everybody for tagging along and I’ll see you next time!