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The end of the line

- Published on 23rd March, 2023 -

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Hey there!
In today’s post, no good news I fear.
I started hosting the open services in 2021, when I originally moved to Finland.
I managed to buy a server for close to nothing on the IO-tech BBS which soon started to run everything.
After a while tho, some health problems arise and I had to put this project on hold.
It’s in 2022 that it had a revival with the Piped instance coming back and services being added monthly.

In time, it has been a really nice learning resource, especially with the networking aspect of the whole thing (see page AS211696).
Sadly, what makes it fun to run is what destroyed it, it became financially unmaintainable.
With costs rising everywhere, I simply can’t afford to run all of this.

It’s not with a happy face that I announce that the open services will close on April 30 2023 (30/04/2023).
I’m truly sorry, honestly, I feel like shit writing this.

Thanks everybody for having been part of this experience and thanks for the overwhelming support in dire times.
// Jae