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Blender tricks

This page is to serve as a collection of tricks using Blender.

Generating cubed decorations

Used in my map Median, this serves as a generator for the decorations in the map.
The goal was to generate a square or rectangle of cubes all having randomized height.

Start by adding your template cube into your Blender project.
In this case, we are using a 1x1x1m standard cube.

Black and white cube in the centre of the Blender viewport.

You can then hide it and add a second sample Plane Mesh.
On that Plane, add a new Geometry Node system then use this arrangement.

Screenshot of the Blender Geometry Nodes showing how to generate an array of cubes with randomized height.

Don’t forget to select your template cube in the Object Info so it gets reproduced everywhere.
It should result in something like this.

Screenshot of Blender showing a generated bunch of cubes with variable heights.

But wait, now you cannot export it like this.
For now, you can hide the Plane Mesh and create once again a new one.
Create a new Geometry Node setup on it using the following one.

Screenshot of Blender showing a simple three node design to be able to export geometry nodes.

Now select this last object and export it.
Congrats, you now have nice decorations!