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Getting started with Overengine

This article will describe how to get started and host your own instance of Overengine.

Building the software

You will need to install the Docker daemon.
To build the software, clone it:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~jae/Overengine
cd Overengine

And then build it:

docker build -t overengine .

Note: you can build it for your own package registry

docker login reg.domain.tld
docker build -t reg.domain.tld/username/overengine
docker push reg.domain.tld/username/overengine

This will allow you to pull it from a remote server: docker pull reg.domain.tld/username/overengine


Docker setup

For deployment, docker-compose is used.

Put your website content in the content/ folder at the same level of the compose file.

You can create a docker-compose.yml with the following contents (change the token secrets accordingly):

version: "3.9"

    image: redis

      - ./content:/content
      - 8080:8080

Environment options

The following options are available via ENV:

  • BASE_CONTENT_DIR - Sets the path to the content directory; defaults to ../content/content
  • SITE_NAME - Sets the name of the website; defaults to Jae's Website
  • SITE_DESCRIPTION - Sets the description of the website; defaults to The blog of Jae.
  • SITE_COPYRIGHT - Sets the copyright information of the website; defaults to CC BY-SA 4.0 Jae Lo Presti
  • SITE_LANGUAGE - Sets the language of the website; defaults to en
  • NODE_ENV - Sets the production status; defaults to null
  • DOMAINS_ADVERTISED - List of domains the website is served on; defaults to null
  • HOST - Sets the host the website will be served from; defaults to ::
  • REDIS_HOST - Sets the Redis host; defaults to null
  • REDIS_PORT - Sets the Redis port; defaults to null
  • REDIS_DB - Sets the Redis DB; defaults to null
  • REDIS_PASSWORD - Sets the Redis password; defaults to null
  • REDIS_USER - Sets the Redis user; defaults to null
  • WAKATOKEN - Sets the Wakatime API token; defaults to null
  • BGPAS - Sets the monitoring BGP ASN; defaults to null
  • OWMKEY - Sets the OWM API key; defaults to null
  • OWMCITY - Sets the OWM city; defaults to Helsinki
  • LIGVA_DOMAIN - Sets the Ligva API domain; defaults to translate.jae.fi
  • MATRIX_SUBDOMAIN - Sets the Matrix subdomain; defaults to null
  • MATRIX_HOMESERVER_PORT - Sets the Matrix port; defaults to 443
  • MATRIX_ENABLED - Enables Matrix utils support; defaults to null
  • BLOGS_ENABLED - Enables the blog engine; defaults to null
  • REDIRECTS_ENABLED - Enables redirects; defaults to null
  • API_ENABLED - Enables the API utils; defaults to null

Now issue docker-compose up -d and navigate to and see the website.
It is highly recommended to use a reverse proxy such as Caddy.