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uBlock filters

Here is a collection of all my uBlock Origin filters.

Total blocked:

  • 311510 Network Filters
  • 236046 Cosmetic Filters
  • DandelionSprout’s Lists:
    • Anti-‘Functionality Removal’ List
    • Anti-‘Weeb boob games on Steam’ List
    • Anti-‘Religious Insanity’ List
    • Anti-racism List
    • GDPR 451 list of websites who hates privacy rights
    • I don’t want to download your browser
    • Imperial units remover
    • ClearURLs for uBlock (unofficial)
  • AdGuard - Ads
  • EasyList
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Online Malicious URL Blocklist
  • Phishing URL Blocklist
  • PUP Domain Blocklist
  • Dan Pollock’s hosts file
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list
  • AdGuard - Annoyances (all lists)
  • Easylist - Annoyances (all lists)
  • Fanboy - Anti-facebook
  • uBlock filters - Annoyances
  • fi: Adblock List for Finland
  • fr ca: AdGuard Francais
  • fuckfuckadblock (all lists)

Custom filters

Those are my personal lists and filters.

Anti SEO Garbage

As the name suggests, this removes websites that are just pure SEO garbage. There are a few versions of that list:

  • Basic (only blocks the hosts): https://g.j4.lc/general-stuff/ublock-filters/-/raw/beep/seo-garbage.txt?ref_type=heads
  • Google (blocks those on Google): https://g.j4.lc/general-stuff/ublock-filters/-/raw/beep/seo-garbage-google.txt?ref_type=heads
  • Duckduckgo (blocks those on Duckduckgo): https://g.j4.lc/general-stuff/ublock-filters/-/raw/beep/seo-garbage-duckduckgo.txt?ref_type=heads
  • Yandex (blocks those on Yandex): https://g.j4.lc/general-stuff/ublock-filters/-/raw/beep/seo-garbage-yandex.txt?ref_type=heads


The misclist is my personal blocklist.

To subscribe, add: https://g.j4.lc/general-stuff/ublock-filters/-/raw/beep/misc.txt?ref_type=heads

Creating your own filters