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This page describes a personal version of the Netiquette (internet etiquette).


  1. Don’t spam
  2. Don’t troll
  3. Don’t feed the trolls
  4. Remember that [your home country] is not the whole world - You will encounter people from around the world and all walks of life, be respectful towards them
  5. Be careful with sarcasm - It might be hard to distinguish sarcasm from serious talk. It is considered good practice to add a /s at the end of your message in case of sarcasm

Asking questions

  1. Don’t ask to ask, just ask the questions (this includes any “does anyone knows how to X”)
  2. Ask the whole channel/thread, not a single person - In a channel, many people can usually answer your question
  3. Don’t flood - Use a paste service like GitHub Gist to share logs or large amounts of text
  4. Ask the question all at once
  5. There are no stupid questions - Need help? Just ask for it, no matter if you think it’s stupid. It’s always better to ask than to stay ignorant
  6. Be patient - People aren’t 24/7 on their computers and might not answer quickly; this is especially true for volunteer-run projects
  7. Details matter - If you want an issue to be solved, it is good practice to give as much information as possible
  8. Avoid cross-posting - If you already posted your question somewhere, avoid cross-posting unless told to do so