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Common components

Hey! The official Resonite wiki is out. It means this is now unmaintained.

This page describes how to use very common components.

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The component ValueUserOverride<T> can be found in Transform->Drivers and is used to override a value locally for a user.

It takes a few options in to work:

  • Target - Which value you with to locally override
  • PersistentOverrides - When checked, the overrides will persist after saving the map or object in question
  • Default - Sets the default value for someone that doesn’t have an override
  • CreateOverrideOnWrite - Makes it so when someone changes the value, an override will be created automatically for them

Overrides may also be created manually by referencing a userid (U-<snowflake ID>) and a value.


The component ValueCopy<T> can be found in Transform->Drivers and is used to copy a value from a field to another.

It takes in a few options:

  • Source - The source from which the value is copied
  • Destination - Where to copy the value
  • WriteBack - When checked, it means the target can write back its value to the source

Note that it is possible to automatically create those by grabbing a field, dropping it onto another and selecting the “Drive” option in the context menu that appears.


The component SmoothValue<T> can be found in Transform->Drivers and is used to make a numerical value transition smoothly with a defined speed.

It takes a few options:

  • TargetValue - The value you want it to transition to
  • Speed - The speed you want to transition to be at
  • WriteBack - Allows the target of the SmoothValue<T> to write its value back into the TargetValue
  • Value - The target value you need to transition

Demonstration of the SmoothValue component by setting some values and resetting them.