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Headless client

Hey! The official Resonite wiki is out. It means this is now unmaintained.

The headless client is basically the game without the user interface, allowing you to host somewhat permanent sessions, like with a server.
In order to access the headless client, you need to be a supporter on the Resonite Patreon with a membership of Discoverer or more.

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Downloading the headless client

Note: before proceeding, I can recommend creating a dedicated Steam account for the headless. Doing so will make it easy to automate the process with Docker or scripts later.

Bare metal

To obtain the headless, you currently will need SteamCMD and the headless beta code (can be obtained by sending /headlessCode to the Resonite bot).

Note: it is also possible to download the headless using the regular GUI Steam client, for that right click on Resonite, select “Properties”, go in “Betas” and enter the headless code into the text box. You should now have access to the headless client.

With SteamCMD, the command is fairly simple (note, it will install Resonite in the SteamCMD directory, you can change the path of the +force_install_dir to change that):

bash steamcmd.sh \
    +force_install_dir ./resonite \
    +login SteamAccountName 'SteamAccountPassword' \
    +app_license_request 2519830 \
    +app_update 2519830 -beta headless -betapassword TheHeadlessCode validate \

Note: if SteamCMD is giving you any trouble like steamcmd.sh: Not a directory, replace bash steamcmd.sh by ./steamcmd.sh

This will install the headless client into the directory specified, you can now go on to the configuration.
To run the headless client, you can go within the directory and do mono Headless/Resonite.exe and the headless should launch.


To run a headless within Docker, I can recommend Shadowpanther’s resonite-headless.
It is fairly easy to use.

As specified in the README, the compose file should look like this:

version: "3.3"

    image: shadowpanther/resonite-headless:latest
    container_name: resonite-headless
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
      STEAMBETA: headless
      STEAMBETAPASSWORD: ask-bot-for-code
      STEAMLOGIN: "your_steam_login your_steam_password"
      - "./Config:/Config:ro"
      - "./Logs:/Logs"
      - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
    restart: unless-stopped

Sveken on Discord made some modifications to the compose file to accommodate for modded Resonite.
For that, you will need to download Resonite Mod Loader, create a directory moddedhead in the data directory where you want to place the files of your headless and place inside the NML files.
Then you can use the following compose file:

version: "3.3"

    image: shadowpanther/resonite-headless:latest
    container_name: modded-headless
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
    command: mono /home/steam/resonite-headless/Headless/Resonite.exe -LoadAssembly "/home/steam/resonite-headless/Headless/Libraries/ResoniteModLoader.dll" -HeadlessConfig /Config/Config.json -Logs /Logs
      STEAMBETA: stuff
      STEAMLOGIN: "username password"
      - "/data/moddedhead/Config:/Config:ro"
      - "/data/moddedhead/Logs:/Logs"
      - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
      - "/data/moddedhead:/home/steam/resonite-headless"
    restart: unless-stopped

This version will hijack the start script to instead run the headless with the -loadAssembly command, thus making it possible to run the headless with mods.

Now that you have this setup, you can proceed to the configuration section.
Launching the headless is as easy as docker compose up -d and docker compose logs to see logs (add -f to it to follow them in real-time).


The default headless configuration is as follows:

  "$schema": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Yellow-Dog-Man/JSONSchemas/main/schemas/HeadlessConfig.schema.json",
  "comment": "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Your changes will be lost. Copy it over and create a new file called Config.json",
  "universeId": null,
  "tickRate": 60.0,
  "maxConcurrentAssetTransfers": 4,
  "usernameOverride": null,
  "loginCredential": null,
  "loginPassword": null,
  "startWorlds": [
      "isEnabled": true,
      "sessionName": null,
      "customSessionId": null,
      "description": null,
      "maxUsers": 16,
      "accessLevel": "Anyone",
      "useCustomJoinVerifier": false,
      "hideFromPublicListing": null,
      "tags": null,
      "mobileFriendly": false,
      "loadWorldURL": null,
      "loadWorldPresetName": "Grid",
      "overrideCorrespondingWorldId": null,
      "forcePort": null,
      "keepOriginalRoles": false,
      "defaultUserRoles": null,
      "roleCloudVariable": null,
      "allowUserCloudVariable": null,
      "denyUserCloudVariable": null,
      "requiredUserJoinCloudVariable": null,
      "requiredUserJoinCloudVariableDenyMessage": null,
      "awayKickMinutes": -1.0,
      "parentSessionIds": null,
      "autoInviteUsernames": null,
      "autoInviteMessage": null,
      "saveAsOwner": null,
      "autoRecover": true,
      "idleRestartInterval": -1.0,
      "forcedRestartInterval": -1.0,
      "saveOnExit": false,
      "autosaveInterval": -1.0,
      "autoSleep": true
  "dataFolder": null,
  "cacheFolder": null,
  "logsFolder": null,
  "allowedUrlHosts": null,
  "autoSpawnItems": null

Configuration keys


Name description type Required
comment A small bit of text describing your configuration. Useful if you have multiple. string No
loginCredential The username for the headless client account. string Yes
loginPassword The password for the headless client account. string Yes
startWorlds All the worlds to run on this headless (see the worlds section) Special Yes
tickRate How many updates per second should the headless do (default on 60). integer No
maxConcurrentAssetTransfers The maximum amount of asset transfers for the headless (default on 4) integer No
usernameOverride Sets a username different from loginCredential that will be displayed in the world list and session users tab. string No
dataFolder Sets the path to the data store. string No
cacheFolder Sets the path to the cache folder. string No
logsFolder Sets the path to the logs folder. string No
allowedUrlHosts Lists of hosts which will be allowed for WebSocket/HTTP operations. array[string] No
universeId Sets which universe the headless is in (no documentation on universes as of yet). string No


Note: you can add as many worlds as you wish, just add a new one in the array.

Name description type Required Example
sessionName The name that will show up in the world browser (defaults to the world name if not present). string No “awa awa”
customSessionId Sets a custom session ID starting with S- and respecting the format <userid>:<sessionid> string No “U-Awa:hangout”
description Sets the description of the session (defaults on world description if not present) string No “Awa awa kabawa”
maxUsers Sets the maximum amount of users in the session (defaults to 32) integer No 1337
accessLevel Sets the access level of the session (Private, LAN, Friends, FriendsOfFriends, RegisteredUsers, Anyone; defaults to Anyone) Any No RegisteredUsers
hideFromPublicListing Hides the session (defaults on false) boolean No true
tags List of tags to assist with discoverability. array[string] No [“awa”, “hangout”]
mobileFriendly Is the session friendly for mobile/quest users. boolean No false
loadWorldURL Loads a world to host from a resrec:/// URL. string No “resrec:///G-Resonite-Team/R-c3f6fd32-d82f-4f48-80f1-87a05b184650”
loadWorldPresetName If nothing in loadWorldURL, will create a new world following the preset. string No “Grid”
overrideCorrespondingWorldId Overrides the world ID, allowing it to be nested with other sessions with the same world ID. Any No
forcePort If specified, the session will run on a specific port. integer No 1911
keepOriginalRoles If enabled, the headless will not override the default roles of the hosted world. boolean No true
defaultUserRoles Sets roles for different users. Object No {“j4”: “Admin”, “DN0”: “Guest”}
roleCloudVariable Name of a cloud variable to determine user roles. string No “G-mygroup.headless.perms”
allowUserCloudVariable Name of a cloud variable to determine who can join the session. string No “G-furdation.headless.whitelist”
denyUserCloudVariable Name of a cloud variable to determine who cannot join the session. string No “G-furdation.headless.blocklist”
requiredUserJoinCloudVariable Name of a cloud variable to determine if a user can join the session. string No “G-furdation.headless.privateAccess”
requiredUserJoinCloudVariableDenyMessage Message to display to users not on the whitelist. string No “You need to be verified to join this session”
awayKickMinutes How many minutes can people stay AFK in the session without being kicked (-1 disables it) integer No 5
saveAsOwner Controls who saves this world when saved. Any No
autoInviteUsernames Invites all the users specified to the headless on start. array[string] No [“j4”]
autoInviteMessage Sets a message sent before the invite to the headless is sent. string No “Come and join!”
parentSessionIds Provides a list of parent sessions. array[string] No
autoRecover ? boolean No
idleRestartInterval Will restart the world automatically after X time elapsed if the session is empty. integer No 55
forcedRestartInterval Will restart the world automatically after X time elapsed no matter what. integer No 55
saveOnExit If set to true, this world will be saved when shutting down the headless. boolean No false
autoSaveInterval Will save every X time. integer No 50
autoSleep Will prevent empty (or filled with away users) world to run full update cycles. boolean No true


There is a bunch of commands that can be used to manage the headless client within its console.

command description usage
saveConfig Saves the current configuration into the original configuration file saveConfig <filename>
login Logs into a Resonite account login <username> <password>
logout Logs out of the current account logout
message Sends a message to a friended user message <user> <message>
friendRequests List all friend requests friendRequests
acceptFriendRequest Accepts a friend request acceptFriendRequest <user>
worlds List running worlds worlds
focus Focuses into the specified world (by index) focus <index>
startWorldURL Starts a world from a resrec:/// URL startWorldURL <resrec:///>
startWorldTemplate Starts a world from a template startWorldTemplate <template>
status Shows the status of the current world status
sessionURL Displays the session URL sessionURL
sessionID Displays the session ID sessionID
copySessionURL Copies the session URL to the clipboard copySessionURL
copySessionID Copies the session ID to the clipboard copySessionID
users Lists the users in the world users
close Closes the current focused world close
save Saves the current focused world save
restart Restarts the current focused world restart
kick Kicks a user from the sessions kick <user>
silence Silences a user silence <user>
unsilence Removes the silence on a user unsilence <user>
listBans Lists all bans listbans
ban Bans a user ban <user>
banByName Bans a user using an username banByName <username>
unbanByName Unbans a user using an username unbanByname <username>
banByID Bans a user using an userid banByID <userid>
unbanByID Unbans a user using an userid unbanByID <userid>
respawn Forces an user to respawn respawn <user>
role Sets a specific role for a user role <user> <role>
name Sets the session name for the current focused world name <name>
accessLevel Sets the session access level accessLevel <level>
description Sets the session description for the current focused world description <description>
hideFromListing Set the focused world hidden or not hideFromListing <true/false>
maxUsers Sets the maximum amount of users maxUsers <number>
awayKickInterval Sets the amount of time after which inactive users will be kicked awayKickInterval <time>
import Imports an asset in the current focused world import <resrec:/// or file path>
importMinecraft Imports a Minecraft worl into the current focused world importMinecraft <path to level.dat folder>
dynamicImpulse Sends a dynamic impulse in the scene root dynamicImpulse <tag>
dynamicImpulseString Sends a dynamic impulse with string data dynamicImpulseString <tag> <string>
dynamicImpulseInt Sends a dynamic impulse with int data dynamicImpulseInt <tag> <int>
dynamicImpulseFloat Sends a dynamic impulse with float data dynamicImpulseFloat <tag> <float>
spawn Spawns an item saved to the inventory in the root of the world spawn <resrec:///> <active true/false>
gc Forces full garbage collection gc
shutDown Shuts down the headless client shutDown
tickRate Modifies the headless tickrate tickRate <number>
log Switches to logging mode, press enter to return to the interactive console log