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Hey! The official Resonite wiki is out. It means this is now unmaintained.

Resonite has a bunch of keybinds available in desktop mode, here is most of them.

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For those who don’t know:

  • LMB - Left Mouse Button (left click)
  • RMB - Right Mouse Button (right click)
  • SCRW - Scroll Wheel

Basic controls

  • F5 - Enables the third person camera
  • F6 - Enables the freeform camera
    • To control it, press CTRL, RMB and use WASD as usual
  • F8 - Switches between VR and Desktop mode
    • For this to work, you need to launch the game in VR mode first
  • SHIFT+P or SHIFT+PrintSCR - Take an instant screenshot
  • CTRL+P or SHIFT+PrintSCR - Take a screenshot with timer
  • CTRL+C - Copy
  • CTRL+V - Paste
  • CTRL+Z - Undo
  • CTRL+Y - Redo
  • CTRL+TAB - Cycle through your open sessions
  • Z - Toggle slow movement

Manipulating objects

  • DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+D (while holding an object) - Deletes the object
  • CTRL+D (while holding an object) - Duplicates the object
  • CTRL+LBM - Focus on an UIX panel (useful for inspectors)
    • CTRL+LMB on empty space or F5 - Focus out
  • I (while having a dev tooltip equipped) - Opens an inspector
  • CTRL+F - Focus on the selected object (you will need to select one beforehand)
    • ALT+RMB - Rotates around the focused object
    • ALT+RMB+SCRW - Modify the zoom level on the focused object

Other controls

  • M - Mutes you
  • V - Push-to-talk (when muted)
  • SHIFT + Double tap ESC or CTRL+SHIFT+Q - Emergency world exit
  • F2 - Toggle Edit Mode
  • CTRL+I - Opens the legacy inventory