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Downloading your account data

Resonite Account Downloader

The Resonite team released a GUI program able to download your full account data in a more user friendly manner, based on a downloader made by GuVAnj8Gv3RJ.
The software is Open-Source and it can be found at: https://github.com/Yellow-Dog-Man/ResoniteAccountDownloader

Latest version can be downloaded at: https://github.com/Yellow-Dog-Man/ResoniteAccountDownloader/releases/latest

Using the software is pretty straightforward, enter your username, password, 2FA token if needed and select what you want to download and where.


In accordance to GDPR article 20, you have a right to download the data you provided.
For this, a tool was created and is located in your Resonite folder, under Tools and Accountdump.

To run the AccountDump program, you will need some dependencies:

Downloading your account is pretty simple and there is two ways of launching the account dumper:

  1. Double click the executable AccoutDump.exe and a window should pop up
  2. Open a terminal in the AccountDump directory and do this command: dotnet AccountDump.dll

The account dumper will ask you for some information:

  • Your Resonite username
  • Your Resonite password
  • Your Resonite 2FA code (if enabled on your account)
  • A path in which your account data will be put (for instance C:\Users\me\Downloads\ResoniteAccount)

Upon entering that information, the AccountDumper will automatically begin and start downloading your account data.
Depending on the size of your account, the tool might take more or less time to finish.

There is currently no official tool to upload that account data back into Resonite.

Basic troubleshooting

Before opening an issue on the GitHub about a bug, it is good to do a bit of troubleshooting.


  • Restart your game
  • Disable mods and plug-ins if you use any (remove -LoadAssembly from your launch arguments)
  • Make sure you are on the latest version; if an update just came out and you don’t get it, you have two ways of forcing the update:
    1. Restart steam fully
    2. Right click on Resonite and go to “Properties”, then “Installed Files” and click on “Verify integrity”
  • If your issue concerns the dashboard, you can try launching the game with the -resetDash launch argument WARNING, THIS WILL COMPLETELY RESET YOUR DASHBOARD AND ANY FACETS PUT ON IT
  • Make sure the time on your computer is synced (can cause some issues interacting with the cloud)

One other thing to keep in mind are the minimal specifications required for Resonite, which you can find on the Steam page.
For instance, playing Resonite on a 15 years old entry-level laptop will not work.


Sometimes, while playing, you might get a message saying “Database Corrupted”.
Here are some steps to fix that issue:

  • Make sure you have enough space on your main drive (C:) or the one Resonite data and cache are
    • Try to keep at least 20GB free on that drive to have a good margin
    • To free space, you can delete your cache folder which is located by default in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Yellow Dog Man Studios\Resonite ; there, delete the Cache folder
  • Try to repair the database by launching the game with the -repairDatabase launch argument

Sometimes, doing those steps isn’t enough and there is the nuclear option left.
Before proceeding, make sure you:

  • Free space on your drive
  • Tried to repair the database
  • Understand that deleting the database will:
    • Lead to data loss:
      • Resetting the local home
      • Resetting settings
      • Deleting anything not fully synced with the cloud
    • Will log you out
    • Will reset your MachineID
    • Will require you to redo the tutorial (unless Resonite is launched with the -SkipIntroTutorial launch argument)

To completely remove your database, the steps are as follows:

  • Go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\ in a file manager
  • Find the Yellow Dog Man Studios folder
    • It is recommended to backup that folder before deleting it, just in case
  • Delete the Yellow Dog Man Studios folder
  • Restart Resonite

Remember that doing that is exceptional and that most issues can be resolved without touching the database at all.

Security Violation

Getting the message “Security Violation” when trying to join a session can be scary but the causes are most of the time, extremely trivial to fix.

First off, check if your computer’s time is synced properly, you can go on time.is and look at the top left of the screen to see if your clock is synchronized.
If it isn’t, here is how to sync your computer’s clock:


On Windows, go in the start menu, then open the settings.
There, go to “Time and Language” and then “Date and Time”.
You should find there a big “Sync Time” button, press it.

You can now restart your game and test again.
If the issue persists, ask the host to do the same.
If the issue persists on other sessions as well, try asking on the Discord or opening a bug report.


On Linux, syncing time is also extremely easy using NTP (Network Time Protocol).
Usually, most distributions will sync the time automatically on a periodic basis, you can however force an update by opening a terminal window and type inside:

sudo service ntp stop
sudo ntpd -gq
sudo service ntp start

Those commands will stop the NTP service, force a sync manually and start the service again.
You can then restart your game and try again, same steps as on Windows.

Editing the dashboard

In Resonite, you can modify your dashboard to display more information or have new tabs through additional elements called “facets”.
To modify the facets of your dashboard, you first need to enter the dashboard UI edit mode.
In VR, this is done by:

  • On Index/Occulus, hold one of the dashboard buttons and double tap the other
  • On Vive, hold both dashboard buttons until both rings fill

Note: it is currently not possible to modify facets on desktop

Before installing a new facet, you will need to save it to your inventory, select it (by clicking once on it) and use the “Spawn Facet” button to spawn it in your userspace.
Your userspace is what contains your dashboard and can only be seen and interacted with by you.

After spawning the facet, you can grab it with your laser and put your laser through your dashboard.
The small squares on your dashboard should light up green if the facet can be placed there or red if it cannot.
Once you are done editing your facets, you can exit UI edit mode by doing the same shortcuts or clicking the button on the bottom of the dashboard to do so.

Search tools

Finding objects and content in general in Resonite can be hard to do.
Luckily, talented members of the community made tools to facilitate that.


RedX is a public folder indexer of which two version exists.
Note that results might be different from the two versions.

AdamSkI2003’s RedX+

This version is an improved version of the original one with better search parameters and a different search back-end.

You can access it via:

  • Your web browser, at https://redx.adamski2003.lol/
  • With an in-game facet resrec:///U-AdamSkI2003/R-7AC884DF712F5F78E4D089C995C8B7171BC6F21CA975EE37F3D3900CA82F886E

And you can get the source at: https://github.com/AdamK2003/redx

MrVoltz’s RedX

The good old original RedX.

You can access it via:

And you can get the source at: https://github.com/MrVoltz/redx