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Patreon tiers

Hey! The official Resonite wiki is out. It means this is now unmaintained.

This page describes all the Patreon tiers and rewards available on the Resonite Patreon, and is meant to be a quick comparison matrix.
All prices are in Euros (EUR) per month and without VAT; final prices may vary depending on local currency.

Tier Price Storage Space Headless Exit Messages 2D Badge 3D Badge Groups Can share storage
Wanderer 1€ 5GB No 0 No No 0 No
Explorer 5€ 25GB No 0 No No 0 No
Discoverer 10€ 50GB Yes 0 Yes No 0 No
Pathfinder 14.5€ 75GB Yes 1 Yes No 0 No
Trailblazer 19.5€ 100GB Yes 1 Yes Yes 1 No
Pioneer 39€ 200GB Yes 1 Yes Yes 1 No
Builder 75.5€ 500GB Yes 2 Yes Yes 2 Yes
Crafter 145€ 1TB Yes 2 Yes Yes 3 Yes
Artisan 290€ 2TB Yes 3 Yes Yes 3 Yes

In order to get your benefits make sure:

  • The e-mail address is the same on Patreon and Resonite (if not, you can add your Patreon e-mail as an alternative e-mail on your Resonite account via /addAlternativeEmail <e-mail>)
  • See the Resonite Bot documentation to see the commands you can use

At the moment, Patreon is the only way to receive benefits, though issue #497 is exploring alternatives to Patreon.