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IPv6 Tunnels

List of IPv6 tunnel brokers if your ISP/Hosting provider is (still) too lazy to have basic network connectivity. This list should be up-to-date with active projects (no history, sorry). If you run one or know any that would be good to include, contact me via Matrix or email.

Name Cost Started Subnet Notes
Hurricane Electric A.K.A Tunnelbroker Free 2002 /64; /48 on request Up to 5 tunnels for free
Route48 Free 2022 /48; /44 on request /
Tunnelbroker.ch 75CHF Setup 2019 /64; /44; 48 Up to 3 tunnels
Ungleich 120CHF + 30CHF setup 2018 /48 /
Tunnelbroker.li A.K.A iFog Free 2019 /64 Some locations might be paid (10CHF a trimester)
Tunnelbroker.se Free 2021 /64; /48 on request Requires a Swedish IPv4 endpoint; some options might be paid
IPv4Market Free 2018 /48 /

Please note that some providers might only provide more technical tunels. If you want something simple, stick with Hurricane or Ungleich.