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Matrix stuff

List of random stuff about Matrix like clients, servers and others.


  • Element - The flagship client for Matrix
  • Fluffychat - Probably the second best client, supports custom emojis, custom stickers, ect; probably works best on mobile
  • Nheko - Desktop client made with C++; supports custom stickers
  • Cinny - A client made to ressemble Discord/Slack


  • Synapse - A Matrix server made with Python
  • Dendrite - A Matrix homeserver made with Golang
  • Conduit - A Matrix homeserver made with Rust

Public rooms

Public servers

Before all, it is recommended to stay away from the default server on Element which is matrix.org.
As it houses too much users, it can be super slow at times and also poses a problem of the instance being a silo of users.

  • TeDomum.net - The Matrix server of the nonprofit tedomum.net; requires a custom SSO
  • The Apothecary - Chill community with a bunch of rooms around Tech, Memes, Media and LGBT
  • TCHNCS - Good server with good moderation