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Service providers

List of service providers I used at some point, noted and with comments.

Name Note Comment
OVH Domains 0/10 Refuses to change legal names; no working DNSSEC
OVH Servers 3/10 Performance is OK but overpriced
Kimsufi 8/10 Really good servers for the price
Hetzner VPS 9/10 IPv6 ready/only; relatively cheap; good uptime; plenty of features available for free
Hetzner Dedicated 10/10 Good performance, good prices
Wasabi 8/10 Good prices; uptime OK
Cloudflare -50/10 Pieces of shit; Horrible both on the technical and human level
Contabo 5/10 Reasonable prices; Hardware issues on number of machines from there; doesn’t always advertises their maintenances on their status page
Dyjix 2/10 Clueless support; low quality machines, even for the price
Gandi 10/10 Best domain registrar; has almost all TLDs available; working DNSSEC
iFog 10/10 Helpful support; really good stuff
BuyVM 6/10 Good enough for shitposts; server had issues after three weeks running there
Reg.ru 8/10 Works good enough
777.tf 100/10 The best <3
NextDNS 10/10 Works as intended; cheap plans
BunnyCDN 10/10 Works as intended; good service; cheap
Proton (Mail) 8/10 Works well enough

ISPs & Carriers

Name Country Note Comment
Free France 8/10 Nice service if you are in the right location; good support; full IPv6 support
Orange France 5/10 Kinda works; shit support
Onoff France 8/10 Works as intended for virtual numbers; only cheap for french numbers if you register in france; NEED APP TO USE, NO ESIM
DNA Finland 10/10 Full IPv6 support; Gigabit at a reasonable price
Moi Finland 10/10 Excellent prices for phone plans
Elisa Finland 5/10 No English interface; expensive phone plans


Name Note Comment
GitLab 10/10 Does what I want and works.
Sublime Text 10/10 Works
GitButler 0/10 Horrible concepts, looks good but nothing usable beyond that
Leechee 3/10 Used to work, extremely slow since last updates, cannot recommend anymore
Firefox 10/10
uBlock Origin 100/10 A must-have.
iTerm2 10/10
Substance 3D Painter 8/10 A really good painting program, still has some pain points.
Intellij Suite 7/10 Good software but sadly no option to buy permanent licenses right away.