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Giving back

- Published on 31st October, 2022 -

Tags: meta

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Hey there!
As promised in a previous post, I am starting to sponsor various Open-Source projects.
Here is the list of people I’m sponsoring now:

  • Kavin - Maintainer of Piped
  • TeDomum.net - Collective that hosts Free and Open-Source services

For some reason, the TeDomum donation is set on secret. Screenshot of the LiberaPay dashboard saying donating to two people: Kavin and TeDomum.

If you have any ideas of people or projects I could start donating to, please let me know.
If you can, I also encourage donating to people that make the software you use every day!

Also, let’s not forget the one-time donation to the Debian Project (donated via the "Click & Pledge platform advertised on the website of the Debian Project):

Picture of a receipt from the donation method

As of 2022:10:31T08:23:00+02:00, 100 USD = 100.75EUR. Is censored on the receipt: exact address, phone number, some financial data.

For those who are still donating via LiberaPay, while I appreciate the sentiment, I would ask you to please, please stop them as I don’t need them anymore and I haven’t found a way to stop donations flowing to me on the dashboard (if you know how, please contact me).
Again, the warmest, thank you for supporting me in these hard times.

I’ll see you next time!